Coastal Infrastructure Program

Loan No. 1386/OC-BA

General Procurement Notice


The Government of Barbados (GOB) has received a loan in the amount of US$17.0 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to assist in financing the sustainable development and improvements for shoreline preservation and management in Barbados in order to ensure a healthy environment and continued economic development for its inhabitants.

The Coastal Infrastructure Program is being carried out over a four and a half-year period, beginning in the first quarter of 2002.

The Program comprises a range of coastal management works and activities related to four specific objectives:

  1. shoreline stabilization and erosion control;
  2. restoration of coastal habitats;
  3. improvement of public coastal access and;
  4. institutional strengthening for coastal management. The investment activities are all engineering works consisting of physical structures adapted to coastal and near-shore oceanographic conditions.

The program will include the following four components:

  1. Shorelines stabilization works: Includes coastal infrastructure to create and/or enhance the amenity value of beaches for local and tourist use in the following locations: (i) Rockley to Drill Hall; (ii) Woman’s Bay; (iii) Crane beach; (iv) Holetown Beach, and (v) Welches Beach.
  2. Coastal ecosystem recovery works: Activities include the restoration and protection of affected ecosystems at (i) Holetown Beach (lagoon aeration system) and (ii) Walkers Savannah (dune restoration).
  3. Coastal access improvement works: Activities aimed to encourage safe and increased access to the waterfront. The works will include the Bay Street Old Hospital Jetty and Tent Bay boat access.
  4. Institutional development: Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU): activities to upgrade capabilities and support the process of innovating coastal management; Ministry of Physical Development and Environment (MPE): (i) staff training; (ii) strategic plan preparation; and (iii) public education strategy development

The execution of this program is the responsibility of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) of the Ministry of Physical Development and Environment (MPE) and will be effected through a single Project Administration Unit (PAU). Special Procurement Notices (SPNs) for works in excess of US$1.5 million and for goods in excess of US$250,000 will be published in the international press SPNs for Consultant Services in excess of US$200,000 will also be published in the international press. All procurement notices will be published in the local press.

The SPN for consulting services for the final design and construction supervision services was published in the third quarter of 2001. SPNs for all other Goods and Consulting Services related to Programme execution by the Project Administration Unit (PAU), will be published between the second quarter of 2002 and the third quarter of 2004.

Request for additional information should be addressed to:

Program Director Designate

Project Administration Unit (PAU)

Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU)

Bay Street,

St. Michael

Barbados, West Indies

Tel: (246) 228 5950 /51/ 52/ 55

Fax: (246) 228-5956