Coastal Conservation Program (Phase II)

Consulting Services

Project No. BA-0019

The Government of Barbados has applied to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for a loan for the partial financing of the Coastal Conservation Program Phase II, and it intends to apply part of the loan proceeds to payments under the contract for the preparation of final designs and supervision of construction of investment works. The Government of Barbados intends to prequalify firms for the provision of these services.

The package of investment works, for which final designs and supervision of construction will be required, is expected to include, inter alia, the following:

--Offshore breakwaters



--Beach recharge (artificial nourishment)

--Sand dune restoration


--Coastal boardwalk/walkway


--Mechanical system for lagoon aeration

The IDB's applicable rules will apply in determining the eligibility of the firms. Works performed under this contract will be subject to the provisions of the relevant loan contract expected to be entered into between the Government of Barbados and the IDB.

Specific requirements for prequalification will include:

C Evidence of the legal status and nationality of the firm, joint venture or partnership, with an attached copy of the by-laws of the firm, joint venture or partnership and information regarding nationality that complies with the relevant IDB's conditions

C Technical background of the firm

C Demonstrable experience in the design of coastal engineering works, specifically for purposes of beach conservation, protection and enhancement

C Demonstrable experience in the preparation of tender and bidding documents for the execution of coastal and marine engineering works

C Demonstrable experience in the supervision of contracting firms executing coastal engineering works, and in the quality control and quality assurance provision

C Work underway or present obligations assumed by the firm, joint venture or partnership

C A description, in general terms, of the system(s) and approach(es) which the firm, joint venture or partnership would employ to execute the works

C Evidence that the firm, joint venture or partnership possesses sufficient staff and personnel with the requisite training and experience to undertake the assignment, an indication of the location of such staff and equipment and a list of key personnel to be assigned to the project

C Evidence of the intention to use local personnel with the requisite training, skills and experience

C Evidence of the financial condition of the firm, joint venture or partnership

C Evidence of the absence of material litigation or arbitration resulting from contracts undertaken within the past five years

Firms, joint ventures or partnerships submitting an expression of interest must be from the IDB's member countries.

Any firm incorporated outside of Barbados that is eventually awarded a contract by the government must register in Barbados under the "Companies Act of Barbados".

All queries regarding this procurement shall be directed to the Coastal Zone Management Unit (address below).

Applications for prequalification (along with six copies) should be submitted in sealed envelopes, delivered to the address below by 17 August 2001, by 1600 hours. Envelopes must be clearly marked "Application to Prequalify for the Preparation of Final Designs and Supervision of Construction of Coastal Conservation Investment Works".



Coastal Zone Management Unit

Bay Street

Saint Michael, Barbados.

Tel: (246) 228-5950/1/2 (General Office).

Tel: (246) 228-5955 (Director)

Fax:(246) 228-5956.